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Commissioned Work

Commissioned artwork can vary in price depending on the style, complexity, materials used, and timeline for completion. I specialize in ink, pyrography, and illustration of animals, nature, and biological themes, though I may not be able to accommodate all requests within these boundaries.


When creating work, I ask for photographs of the context in which the painting will hang so that with the Patron's input, I can optimize the size, color, and style of the work to suit its surroundings. For larger pieces, the scope of the project will include a digital mockup of what the art will look like in the space. This mockup will be created after the draft phase in completed and approved. This mockup is subject to slight modification.


Typically, commissioned artwork takes 4-6 weeks. This timeframe begins upon receiving the first deposit and concludes with receiving the finished artwork. The timeline covers initial draft design, review & editing of drafts, creating renders, and execution of final artwork.


The following is a general pricing guideline for commissioned works:


Blown Ink – Blown ink works are created using Sumi inks, India Inks, and Acrylic calligraphy inks on high-quality smooth acid-free paper. It should be noted that these works are created by blowing ink using the air from the Artist's lungs and no paintbrush or paintbrush type technique. The estimated sizes below are based on similarly sized works created in the artist's ink blown style.

9in. x 12in. - $300-500

14in. x 17in. - $500-1500

18in. x 24in. - $1500-3000

36in.  x 48in. - $3000-5000

Larger - Contact for a quote


Pyrography – These works are extremely detailed and time intensive, sometimes requiring more than 200 hours of labor. Typically, pyrography pieces are created on the highest quality Pine or Maple cabinet grade plywood, although live edge specialty wood can be used as well. If necessary, the plywood pieces are backed with a custom fabricated steel frame. The estimates below are based on similarly sized works created exclusively using techniques in pyrography and woodcarving on the highest grade plywood in hyper-detailed and naturalistic styles.


9in. x 12in. - $500-1250

16in. x 20in. $1250-2000

18in. x 24in. - $2000-4500

36in.  x 48in. - $5000-8000

Larger - Contact for a quote


Illustration - triptych illustrations are created on high-quality smooth acid-free paper using Prismacolor pencil and ink. Triptych style illustrations combine drawing techniques of both micron ink as well as colored pencil.


9in. x 12in. - $350-750

14in. x 17in. - $800-1500

24in. x 36in.  $2000-3500
Larger- contact for a quote


Contact the Artist


Alex Kuhn

Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA



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