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Supercars & Caviar

A Luxury VIP event during Art Basel Miami

Supercars & Caviar 2023 - Promotional Video

Logo & Branding

As the Creative Director of Stretch Gallery, stepping into the Supercars & Caviar project was an exciting challenge. Tasked with conceptualizing and creating all digital assets,


I started with the logo, aiming for a design that resonated with the prestige of supercars and the allure of caviar while appealing to the Miami aesthetic. I wanted to encapsulate the essence of speed, luxury, and digital innovation.

Logo & Branding

Marketing Deliverables

Next, I moved on to posters and ad deliverables. Keeping the target audience in mind – car enthusiasts, tech lovers, and luxury aficionados – I aimed to create visually striking and thought-provoking materials. I employed high-contrast colors, dynamic compositions, and sleek lines, mirroring the elegance of supercars and the avant-garde nature of the Metaverse.

16:9  (1920 x 1080)

Supercars&Caviar Marketing 3.gif

9:16   (1080 x 1920)

1:1  (1080 x 1080)

S&C poster.jpeg

Ticket Promo Poster

Supercars&caviar poster.gif

Timelapse of work

Marketing Deliverables

3D Assets & NFT Ticketing

The most adventurous part was devising the NFT ticketing. Being that the event was hosted in both Miami Beach AND in the Metaverse, I wanted the ticket to reflect both worlds. As a piece of digital art, each ticket, had to be unique and representative of the event. In line with the theme, I leaned towards sleek digital tokens each with a unique twist and what I came up with was a digital car keychain issued to ticket holders.


Each keychain was marked with an XX of 300 number on the bottom of the car.


Building the 3D Asset

Final Promotional Render

3D Assets & NFT Ticketing

Sponsorship Deck

The sponsorship deck was a balancing act. It had to be compelling, persuasive, and thoroughly professional.

I focused on visually representing the unique merger of luxury cars and digital technology, highlighting the event's uniqueness and potential reach.

Sponsorship Deck

Video Editing

Editing the video shot at the Supercars & Caviar event was a lively task. My goal? Craft a highlight reel that not only captured the thrill of the day, but also stirred up excitement for next year.


I combed through hours of footage, picking out sparkling moments of joy and intrigue. But it wasn't just about the attendees and the shiny supercars - our sponsors played a big part too. I made sure to weave in shots of their logos and involvement, giving their brands the spotlight and broadening our reach.


The final piece was a fast-paced, captivating reel, brimming with the energy of the event. It gave a taste of the unique blend of luxury cars and digital tech we're all about, and left people eager for more. The perfect wrap up to a fantastic event, and the perfect teaser for the next.

Video Editing - Supercars Edit.gif
Video Editing
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