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Flamingo Maine

Fine Cannabis

Flamingo Maine, a high-end cannabis brand, came to me looking for a branding makeover to showcase their new strains. They wanted everything – a new logo, website, packaging labels, marketing deliverables, and a unique influencer box design.

Logo & Web Design

Flamingo Maine Logo.png
Flamingo Maine Website.gif

I developed a sleek, easy-to-use website showcasing their new cannabis strains, providing Flamingo Maine with a polished online presence. - When I started with the logo, I used the grace of a flamingo as inspiration and mixing in a bit of Portland’s funky charm to produce a modern look that stood out in the crowded cannabis market.

Logo & Web Design

Label & Product Render

Flamingo Maine Label Print

When it came time for designing packaging labels for their 1/8 oz. jars. I aimed for a balance between cool and practical while paying homage to their feathered theme. The end result? Eye-catching labels that conveyed all the necessary info - strain name & type, THC content, Legal Information & Disclaimers and so on. Designing an effective cannabis label means both attention to detail and finding a way to catch the eye of the customer through standing out from the crowd.


 I then took the newly designed labels and used them in their marketing deliverables in the form of a product render.

Label & Product Renders

Influencer Box

Then it was time for the influencer box, a mix of their best flower, concentrate, edibles,  a trendy lanyard, a pin, and a sticker. I designed the box to reflect the high-end nature of the items inside - and of course, to look great in social media pics. The client later modified the Influencer box to comply with Maine’s new cannabis marketing legislation.


All in all, I transformed Flamingo Maine's image into a trendy, cohesive brand, turning them into a force to be reckoned with in the cannabis industry.

Influencer Box
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