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Fire Hydrant

Pyrography, woodcut, acrylic, and watercolor on cabinet-grade Maple plywood.


48 in x 32 in x 1.25 in (122 cm x 81.2 cm x 3.175 cm)


This one-of-a-kind piece depicts an unknown sidewalk that appears to have fallen into disrepair. On this sidewalk, a fire hydrant with a traffic cone can be seen with butterflies fluttering above. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?? The artist created it for a very specific symbolic reason but he'll never tell you. You'll just have to figure it out for yourself.

The fire hydrant was created through burning the wood with a soldering iron and carving away layers using different sizes of wood chisels. Additionally, marbled burn marks are created using techniques of both propane and butane torches. 


The artist then painted the landscape and gave color to the butterfly wings. 


This piece is mounted on a custom fabricated "baby-blue-eyes" painted steel frame and is prepped for hanging by cleat or wire.




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