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Ink + Prints

Works created by blowing air through a straw to move ink across a canvas


Works created by burning wood with hot metal and open flame.


Works created with graphite, colored pencil, and ink.


Working late
"Ethereal" - Ink Blow
Live Art Experience
Friends are the best
"Butterfly" - Ink Blown
"Heart" - Ink Blown
"Family Tree"
Let's talk about art!
Working Live at Art Basel
Torching Jupiter
Studying Jupiter
Just Hanging around.
"Afterlife" - Metamorphosis
All of the smiles
"They Key"
Butterflies are cool!
Work in progress
Dragonfly Triptych
Gather around!
"The Key"
The Spotlight!
"Sophie" bengal tiger
Observational Study
Burning Jupiter
I love being an artist
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