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"The Key"

Pyrography and woodcut on cabinet grade Maple plywood,


48 in x 36 in x 1.75 in (121.92 cm x 91.44 cm x 4.5 cm)


      The iconography depicted in "The Key" is meant to act as an agricultural instruction manual. If one were to imagine the age before modern agriculture, the human species did not know how to cultivate crops or create organized farming spaces. The imagery on the ribbon wrapping the hand depicts a repeating Sun & Moon placed above successive “V” shaped divots (representing the soil). Between the Sun, Moon and soil, water droplets are continually repeated.


    At first glance, the icons may be nothing more than repetitive imagery. Upon deeper inspection, the significance of the pattern reveals itself. If a recipient of the seed could decipher the images represented, they might learn the processes necessary for organized farming. By the ribbon’s instruction, the seedling must first be placed in the soil “V”. Then, each seedling should be evenly spaced out from other seeds and watered between every Sun & Moon (Day and Night). This process must be repeated for 120 days (roughly 4 months) or the average time for many plants to reach full maturation. On the ribbon, exactly 120 Suns and 120 moons are represented.


This piece is mounted on a custom fabricated steel frame and is prepped for hanging by cleat or wire.

"The Key" was featured on the cover of Colorado State's  2015 Journal of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Excellence Volume VI Issue I. Pg. 1, 38, 39, 89  See the article here.

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