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"Puss & Grey"

Pyrography and woodcut on cabinet grade Maple plywood,


48 in x 36 in x 1.75 in (121.92 cm x 91.44 cm x 4.5 cm)


      This piece was commissioned by a patron who has immense love for his Wife and their two cats, Puss and Grey. Although pictured together, Puss and Grey exist mostly separate from one another. The only time when they become close is to hop on-top of this dresser when one of the Patrons walks into the parlor. The reason for this is that the top right drawer of the dresser has snacks in it...and Puss and Grey absolutely love snacks.

     In addition to the cats and the dresser, a marble statue of a dancing bear, a ceramic vase, a porcelain lamp, and a wood framed stained-glass window are present. Although all of the objects pictured do exist, the composition has been manufactured to include objects which are of symbolic significance to the patron.

This piece is mounted on a custom fabricated steel frame and is prepped for hanging by wire.

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